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    Need a little help getting through that mile-long list of chores? Good news: Maid VIP is here! We have over 10 years’ experience making messy spaces shine with our awesome house cleaning & maid services. With our advanced products, proven processes and friendly housekeeping teams in Los Angeles & Ventura County, we’ll take care of the tedious tasks so you can focus on what really matters; YOU!

    At Maid VIP, our team of qualified cleaning professionals is dedicated to offering elite housekeeping services throughout LA, Ventura County, and beyond. We’ll be right on over when you need us – whether that’s maid service for daily cleanings, periodic weekly/bi-weekly/monthly cleanup jobs or special deep cleans for move-ins or move-outs & post construction projects. Our crews are armed with all the necessary tools equipment needed to make your home sparkle like never before! See why so many people over the years choose us as their local home cleaning company for house cleaning & maid services.

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    The Best House Cleaning & Maid Services in Los Angeles & Ventura County

    Professional Cleaning Services
    Condo Cleaning Near Me

    Apartment Cleaning

    Maid VIP is the top-rated apartment cleaning service in LA & Ventura County. Our top tier apartment & condo cleaning services will keep your home looking its best, all the time.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Maid VIP offers top-of-the-line rug and carpet cleaning services for your home or office. We have a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find the perfect service for your needs.
    House Cleaning Near Me

    House Cleaning

    Looking for a top-rated house cleaning service? Look no further than Maid VIP. We provide quality, reliable maid services to homeowners in the LA & Ventura County areas.

    Moving Cleaning

    Looking for a reliable and trustworthy move in/out cleaning service? Look no further than Maid VIP! We offer top-notch cleaning services at a great price.
    Post Construction Cleaning Near Me

    Post Construction Cleaning

    Are you in the market for post renovation cleaning services to help get your home back to normal? We have a team of experienced cleaners who will work diligently to get your home clean and clutter-free in no time!
    Window Cleaning Services Near Me

    Window Cleaning

    We offer premier window cleaning services for any home or office. We have a wide range of options to choose from, so you can find the perfect window washing service for your needs.
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    Get Professional Cleaning Services in LA & Ventura County with One Click - No Mess, No Stress!

    Whether your home needs a deep clean, move-in clean, regular housekeeping services or post construction cleans, Maid VIP has you covered. We have experienced and reliable professionals to help take the hassle out of cleaning chores. Our services are fast and efficient, with customer satisfaction being our priority. Don’t stress any longer over cleaning and let our professionals transform your home with top of the line results that you deserve! Take action now and call us at (805) 380-5586 or click below to book a cleaning service today! Let us show you how we can make a difference in your schedule by taking the worry of keeping your Los Angeles & Ventura County homes organized off of your plate. Cleaning has never been easier!

    Deep Cleaning Services Near Me
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    Los Angeles & Ventura County House Cleaning & Maid Services Near Me

    Professional Cleaning Services Near Me
    Frequently Asked Questions

    LA & Ventura County House Cleaning & Maid Services

    Determining the price of cleaning a house is a complex process that depends on various factors. The size of the home, the degree of clutter, the number of rooms, and the frequency of visits are all important factors that impact pricing. In addition, you may be charged based on the time it takes to complete the job, the amount of equipment needed, and the level of experience required. Ultimately, it's essential for us establish a fair and competitive price that values our time and expertise while also meeting the demands of our clients. Please enter how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have into the form above and we’ll give you an instant quote on any cleaning service. We’re confident you’ll find prices extremely reasonable given the high level of service you will receive from your pro.
    Professional cleaners have a keen eye when it comes to cleaning every nook and cranny of your home. They focus on cleaning the areas that are commonly overlooked, such as ceilings, fans, and beneath heavy furniture. Aside from the obvious areas like kitchen counters and bathroom fixtures, they are also tasked with cleaning dusty window sills, baseboards, and light switches. Professional house cleaners are experienced in dealing with dirt and grime, and are equipped with specialized tools and cleaning solutions to tackle any mess. They understand the importance of a clean and hygienic home, and go the extra mile to sanitize surfaces and eliminate any harmful bacteria. Trusting your home to be cleaned by professionals guarantees that every inch of your living space is treated with care and precision.
    Maintaining a clean home can be a tedious task, but it's also necessary for maintaining a healthy living environment. How often a house should be cleaned depends on many factors, such as the size of the home, the number of people living in it, and whether any pets are present. In general, experts recommend a weekly cleaning routine that includes dusting, vacuuming, and mopping floors, wiping down surfaces, and cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. However, some areas, like high-traffic floors and frequently touched surfaces, may require more frequent cleaning. Ultimately, the frequency of cleaning will depend on your personal circumstances and standards, but sticking to a regular routine can help prevent the buildup of dust, dirt, and bacteria, keeping your home clean and healthy.
    As a homeowner, it's only natural to expect a clean and tidy house when hiring someone for house cleaning & maid services. However, keeping up with household chores can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you have a busy schedule. This is when hiring a professional house cleaner can come in handy. However, when it comes to tipping your house cleaner, many people are left wondering whether or not it's necessary. While tipping isn't mandatory, it is a great way to show your appreciation to your cleaner and acknowledge their hard work. If you choose to tip, a general rule of thumb is to give about 10-20% of the total cost of the cleaning service. However, if you're not satisfied with the job, it's also okay to skip the tip and provide constructive feedback instead. Ultimately, the decision to tip is up to you, but it's always nice to show your cleaner that their hard work is valued.
    Hiring a housekeeper can be a game changer for busy households. There are so many advantages to having someone come in and maintain your home, from freeing up your time to keeping things organized and tidy. But for many people, a lingering question is, "How clean should my house be before the housekeeper arrives?" It's a fair concern, and one that we can help put to rest. Generally speaking, your home does not need to be spotless before the cleaning service arrives. After all, that's why you hired them! However, there are a few things you can do to ensure optimal results, such as picking up toys and clutter off the floor, putting away dishes, and making sure there is clear access to all areas you want cleaned. Letting your housekeeper know what your expectations are ahead of time can also help to ensure you are both on the same page. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a clean, organized, and stress-free living environment for you and your family.

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